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Please Consider!

Please Consider a Donation!

Interest in papercrete has exploded!  


In the past, we have provided extensive help and information to everyone free of charge  - and we continue to do so. But, if you need more than a little information and/or help, we would very much appreciate a small donation to help support our research. You can do that by sending us a check made payable to Barry J. Fuller at the address below.

Also, please see our
“DVDs, Plans & Research” section for construction DVDs and other materials. And see “Hands On” for consultation and related services.


Thank you for your understanding and support.







Mr. Barry J. Fuller
Living In Paper
843 West Elna Rae St.
Tempe, AZ 85281 

IMPORTANT!!  The above address is the office , NOT the Workshop address. The Workshop address may vary and will be emailed to you upon registration.



Office: 480-968-4115 

Cell:     480-560-9563


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