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Hands-On Opportunities - 

Opportunities for Hands-on papercrete construction training is available in two ways - either by helping out at a construction site or by attending classes. 

When someone not affiliated with our organization needs construction help in a specific time frame, and contacts us about it, we post that information here. If nothing is posted right after this paragraph, nothing to our knowledge is going on.  (We are currently aware of at least two projects that are planned for later this year. When we have more information to share, we will post it here – so check back periodically.)

If you are interested in attending a class to learn Do It Yourself construction methods, please read about our “One-Day Do It Yourself Workshop.” Or, if you are interested in building a papercrete business or becoming partners in a larger enterprise, please read about our Papercrete Commercialization Seminar.

We offer several additional ways to get involved with papercrete - or learn more about it – by participating in tours, projects or activities we sponsor.

Lecture/Tour -
For those who cannot spend an entire day in a class, we offer a one-hour Lecture/Tour at Paper Palace One for $35.00 per person. (For directions, see "Directions to Paper Palace One at the Pera Club".)    The Lecture/Tour can be scheduled for any weekday or Saturday (excluding national holidays) in Tempe, Arizona. All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability before participating in a lecture/ tour.

On-Going Activities -
Whenever we are involved in on-going testing and experimentation, and need volunteer help, we allow a limited number of volunteers to participate at a nominal fee.  Activities may vary greatly - from administrative tasks to making test blocks, testing samples, experimenting with construction methods or fabricating test apparatus.

Please check Current Projects to find out what is scheduled.

Construction -
We frequently become involved in construction opportunities. The number of volunteers who may participate depends on scheduling and the size of the project. The activities available depend on the stage of construction. You can get an idea of the types of activities which comprise each stage of construction by reading the Construction section of this site. There is a charge to participate in these activities.

Please check Current Projects to find out what is scheduled.

Location Workshops -
We schedule custom workshops for individuals and groups at their locations, as requested. Equipment and materials can be provided. Fees for workshops vary depending on the length of the workshop, how many practitioners and attendees will be involved, and how detailed the desired training will be.  Half-day workshops are also available.

Please Contact Us for a Workshop quote.

Consultation -
We can come to your location and help you get started building homes or other structures with papercrete and associated materials. Equipment and materials can be provided. Consulting charges vary depending on the number of practitioners, travel distance, length of assignment and preparation time.

Please Contact Us for a Consultation quote.

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