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(All proceeds go to further research and documentary work on papercrete.)

You can build your own home with paper - here's how!
8 DVDS -

All 8 DVD titles described below - the most current, professionally-produced detailed information available shot at the construction sites of the builder/producer - Barry J. Fuller

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"Building A Tow Mixer" - 30 minutes 

One person, working alone, can build an inexpensive and beautiful home with papercrete, but to build even a small structure you have to be able to mix a sizeable amount of it easily and inexpensively. You need a mixer which can tear up large amounts of paper with ease, which has the strength to break up a 94lb bag of Portland without even opening the bag, one which requires about four hours to build and costs about $500.00 + welding - in short, you need a tow mixer. This tape covers the step-by-step assembly of the tow mixer I use almost every day. Mike McCain and I walk you through the entire assembly process from prepping the axle to building a cover. There is also a parts list with approximate costs referenced in the tape.  If you're thinking about a papercrete project, you should consider Building A Tow Mixer.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95



 "Tow Mixer Operation & Maintenance" - 32 minutes

The tow mixer is by far the least expensive way to make practical-sized batches of papercrete.  Its low cost, simplicity and dependability are largely responsible for the success of papercrete as a DIY material. The tow mixer is easy to build, safe to operate and easy to maintain - but it does have a few quirks and it IS necessary to perform a small amount of maintenance.  Much larger amounts of mix can be made with our Mega-Mixer, but nothing compares to the tow mixer in terms of cost and utility. This presentation is the product of many years of experience with the tow mixer. It will teach you all you need to know to avoid operational and maintenance mistakes which can cost you time and money.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  

"Making Blocks & Roof Panels With
A Tow Mixer" – 35 minutes  

The content covered in this tape comes from the first-hand experience of Mr. Barry J. Fuller who has personally poured thousands of blocks and roof panels. It is a detailed look at how a tow mixer works and how to use it. The video includes the exact components of a good mix, the type of paper to use, how  to make a watertight mixer port,  an inexpensive way to build a water storage tank, and the best way to handle water and mix blocks and roof panels. It also covers timesaving tips on how to place, dry and stack papercrete materials. 

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.) 
Total: $39.95  



“Foundations for Papercrete Walls” –
38 minutes 

This presentation features foundations built for papercrete homes in the deserts of Arizona, the highlands of New Mexico, the mountains of Colorado and the valleys of old Mexico. It illustrates everything from inexpensive rubble foundations to monolithic concrete pads. It covers soil conditions, making forms, using transits, French drains, wicking, capillary breaks, frost lines, insulation, water & clay hazards and more.  It describes the Frost Protected Shallow Foundation (FPSF) and provides in-depth, detailed information on how to avoid common problems building foundations in any climate and soil condition.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  

Building Papercrete Block Walls” –
47 minutes 

Our first structures were built by "successive approximation" -  i.e. trying various approaches and then improving them or correcting for mistakes. This presentation saves you the great amount of time you would otherwise have to spend experimenting and learning what we already know. It covers what tools work best with papercrete; how to drill, cut, trim and lay blocks; what materials bond best with papercrete; how to make walls the shape you want; how to insert steel reinforcement; how to split block and make opening using a chainsaw; how to attach frames and ledgers; build lintels and other crossovers; how to build a "truth window"; how to level and pour  a "leveling course" and more.  Building papercrete block walls is fun and comparatively easy - when you know how to do it! This presentation shows you what you need to know to build your own home or other structure.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  


“Building Papercrete Roofs” – 33 minutes 

Building a papercrete roof can be done in a number of ways. We considered procedures recommended by several different people and then added twists of our own. Our approach was eclectic because we had to build a nearly flat paper roof with parapets and scuppers. To our knowledge, this had never been done before. In this presentation, we show how to anchor the top plate, slash cut and install exposed beams, fill in between beams and over openings, contour the roof slope, install wire support, lay roof panels, build up courses of roof block, reference the slope for the roof pour, pour a sloped roof, install scuppers & parapets, finish the roof, and seal it. Our roof has been in place for six years through many active monsoon seasons. An adjacent building lost its roof in a huge storm, but ours shows no sign of leakage or degradation of any kind.  It was cheap to build and extremely energy efficient. Not everything worked perfectly on the first try, but ultimately we figured out how to build a very functional and attractive roof.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  


“Doors, Windows, Electrical and Finish” –       45 minutes  

There is a lot to learn when attempting to seamlessly and attractively install doors and windows in papercrete structures.  It’s necessary to fill areas around door and window jams, and get everything level and square so that doors and windows fit well and open & close easily. When you work with papercrete, you don’t always get the expected results. In our “lessons learned” segment, we show how to avoid - or correct for - a number of problems. Installing the electrical system in papercrete is comparatively easy - if you know how to make wiring runs and install boxes. We show how to do it efficiently and safely.  In our structure, we installed several large glass block windows. No one had done this before so we had to figure out how to do it ourselves. We show how the blocks go in and how strong they are when properly installed. Then we talk about stucco. There is a lot to learn - and to avoid - when using papercrete and non-papercrete finishes. Not too many people have spent much time figuring out how to do this.  We show how to do it and give specific mixes to use for finishes, which work properly without cracking. We show a lot of experimentation, which helped us come up with the type of wire to use, the fasteners which work best, the mix which looks and works best, and the very best way to seal it.

DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  


"PapeR-block™" -  6:30 minutes 

You may decide to do workshops, build a home or start a business with papercrete. This means getting in front of people and demonstrating its many benefits. The question is how can you do this without an effective presentation? The answer is "PapeR-block™". It's the perfect way to introduce papercrete to groups by spelling out it's environmental and economic benefits, providing an incisive overview of the state of the art, and showing beautiful structures built with it. Shot throughout the Southwest, a great deal of research, travel time and production effort went into this short video.  If you are talking to people about grants, trying to raise venture capital, working with your local Building Department, planning workshops or just want to present the papercrete concept to others, you should consider  "PapeR-block™"


DVD - (Includes shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $39.95  
You can start your own business making  BetR-blok® - here's how!


A Set of 13 – 24x36 Inch “Blueprints”

After four years and thousands of dollars of architectural and structural R&D, we have completed a detailed, practical papercrete construction template. A county Building Safety office gave us the go ahead given that we include lateral wind force computations with our final plans. Please understand that it is impossible to promise that papercrete plans, or any other type of plans, approved at one Building Safety office will be accepted at all other offices - but our template is a good way to get started. It is the actual “blueprints” of a papercrete structure showing foundation, wall and roof design and the details of how everything is connected together.  We recommend that you take this to your local Building Safety office for preliminary discussions before submitting a full set of plans. After preliminary approval of our template, we can continue to help by drawing up a complete set of plans for your specific home. This will cost you much less than starting from scratch with people who have little or no experience with papercrete and it will make it possible for you to get firm quotes on construction if you don’t have time to build your own home.

13 - 24x36 inch “Blueprints” (Duplicating, shipping, handling & tracking.)
Total: $375.00  

The Technical Report - (PDF)
62 pages

Papercrete is said to be safe, affordable and sustainable, but we have conducted research to investigate those claims. This report covers over a year of scientific work done at a cost of $20,000.00 in sample preparation and laboratory fees.  Part I covers the preparation and mixing of samples with detailed mix weights and measures for 49 compressive strength tests. Test setups and results for selected pull and creep tests are described and illustrated.  It also includes a section on “Observations” describing the test conditions and how the mixes reacted as far as shrinkage, set time and other variables before testing. Part II is the scientific test data with eleven pages of descriptive testing material, photos of test equipment, and three appendices with over forty pages of graphs. Tables in this section include the results of compressive strength, pull and creep tests. This 62-page document contains a great deal of recent scientific test information about papercrete. 

New!  Mr. Fuller consulted extensively with the authors of the following three authoritative Papercrete Test Reports. These independent laboratory studies contain over 400 pages of research including sound insulation tests - all included free with purchase of the Technical Report!!

1.) PAPER FIBRE BASED BRICKS FOR LOW COST HOUSING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES - 186 pp. (Independent confirmation of much of the test information in our 62 p.Technical Report along with a great deal of additional test information)

71 pp., Appendices 128pp., (Many comparisons and references to papercrete) 

23pp. (Interesting and encouraging information about the sound insulation property of papercrete)

Shipped (PDF) via Email
Total: $250.00  

The Technical Report Lite - (PDF)
17 pages

It is widely believed that building with papercrete is safe, affordable and sustainable, but we have conducted research to look into those claims. This is the abbreviated version of the 62 Page Technical Report above. The mix sampling, preparation and observations in the long version are omitted, but the mix proportions and basic scientific test data are included. Photos and tables in this report include the results of compressive strength, pull, and creep. It is the most current abbreviated scientific test information available about papercrete.

Shipped (PDF) via Email
Total: $39.95  


The Thermal Test Report - (PDF)
17 pages

This document is a comprehensive laboratory study of papercrete's thermal properties (R-value). Photos and tables in this report include test setup, sensor placement and test procedures as well as test data and results.  It is a comprehensive look at the thermal properties of papercrete, and it proves scientifically that various mixes of papercrete offer significant insulating value.

Shipped (PDF) via Email

 Total: $39.95
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